Issue 002

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Issue 002

We’re back, and we demand utopia! It’s been two years since Issue 001, but it feels like a lifetime. In that pre-Trump, pre-Brexit landscape, Science Fiction was being whimsically adopted on every runway. Whilst the genre remains as culturally relevant as ever, the way creatives are adopting SF has significantly changed. Issue 002 utilises fantasy as a medium for defying oppressive politics. For some this is confrontational, for others escapist; whether explicit or subtle this collection demands change. (210mm x 210mm, 40 pages - staple bound) *Best viewed through tiny matrix sunglasses.

Featuring collaborations with Dana Trippe, Aoi Itoh, Pol Kurucz, Natalie Baxter, Munachi Osegbu, LUPAE, Noémi Szabo, John Yuyi and Daisy Collingridge.

"Somehow, this issue is even more bonkers than the last explosion of colour with nods to aliens, Harajuku and the United Nations. Yes, all in one magazine…" - It's Nice That